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The Evergreen Schoolhouse offers garden and school tours.

Tour prices are $7 per person for buses and groups of 20 or more. It is $9 per person for less than 20 people with a minimum of $20. The tour takes about an hour and smaller groups usually take longer to finish. Photos may be taken provided they will not be used for publication.

We accept booking anytime with a weeks notice. You can email us at or leave a phone message at 920-743-0179 to book the day and time for your visit. Please make sure to leave a number where I can reach you to verify the day and time for your visit.

Wedding pictorials may also be taken at The Evergreen Schoolhouse for a small fee:

  • $75.00 for the bride and groom.
  • $100.00 bride and groom including the wedding party
  • $150.00 bride and groom and their families including the wedding party.

Photographs are to be taken by your own photographer. You may bring snacks and beverages during this time as pictorials may take an hour or two.

Graduation portraits are priced at $10 each student which should take about 20 minutes. Baby and children's photos are $25 and usually takes an hour to finish.

If you would like professional portraits taken we may be able to recommend a photographer to do the job.

You can also have your event scheduled here such as weddings, receptions, luncheons, family reunions and other occasions. I can advise on a caterer, we can also accommodate having a pig roast. You are also allowed to bring your own food in. Prices for these events vary depending on the size of event and use of kitchen and other facilities.